theatrepeopleruletheworld asked:
I'm taking on the role of Ursula is it okay for my characters voice to have a slight British ascent or is that just stupid?

i think it’s important that you bring something to the table. you have your ideas on what ursula is.

so if that’s what you have to bring to the table, then that’s awesome! :)

avintagekindoflove asked:
Sondheim bless is officially my new catchphrase

you’re welcome ;)

avintagekindoflove asked:
Vanilla Ice Cream is an awesome soprano audition song (high B at the end), but also Green Finch and Linnett Bird, Much More from the Fantasticks, and Apology from Anne of Green Gables. If you need two songs, do an uptempo and a ballad but if you need one Much More is good cause it has both in it :)

Goodbye ‘12, Goodbye ‘13, Hello Love
behindthesesmilingeyes asked:
I love you because you said "god bless" and then replaced it with "Sondheim Bless" - thank you for reminding me what religion really is

I wrote a short play about a young girl trying out for her school musical. And she’s a total theatre geek, right?

And when she goes in for her audition she says “Oh my Sondheim” and thanks the talent agent in the sky.

Little jokes for the true theatre enthusiasts.

dracomalfyaoi asked:
Hey I'm an alto and I found that "who can I turn to" from The roar of the greasepaint the smell of the crowd REALLY shows off my voice, but if you want something in ur chest voice, I used "Give my regards to broadway". for those alto anons asking! <3


Some advice from personal experience. God bless.

And by that I mean Sondheim bless.

goldyrachel asked:
I love this blog so much lol. You have no idea! I love reading everything.. Thanks guys... Keep it up! Lol

Thanks so much!

It’s much appreciated.

Anonymous asked:
What is a really amazing song for a soprano to audition with?



rockshippotter asked:
Hi! I'm auditioning for Wendy Darling in Disney's Peter Pan Jr. I'm a mezzo soprano/alto. What would be a good song for me to sing? I'm 14 years old and this is my dream role!!! Please help:) thank you!


Anonymous asked:
Good alto audition songs?

not alto’s lament

chilledrides asked:
Idk if I asked this or not but: I have an audition coming up for hairspray and I'm 14 and an alto and I need an uptempo song. I was thinking Nothing from A Chorus Line but I'm not sure. Thx :)

Nothing is a great song for altos. And the style isn’t too far from Hairspray’s style. If you rock it, go for it.

General audition recommendations, I made here.

keepingit--surreal asked:
I have an audition for a performing arts school soon and don't know what song to sing (it's any of choice) I was thinking of doing Roxie from Chicago. Any ideas?:-)

Do a song that shows off what you’re best at. It’s hard to make that call for someone else (especially if you don’t know them).

If you’re a comedic superstar, choose some hilarious song.
If you’re a belting diva, choose a crazy belt song.
If you’re a killer soprano, choose a soprano song.

Do whatever plays up your strengths. Know what you’re best at and sell it. NEVER choose a song that you just feel “okay” at. If it’s not hilighting your strengths, toss it.

And for college auditions, I would choose a song you would be believeably cast as. Something in your age group and style. If you could be cast as Roxie and a good dancer, then by all means sing Roxie.

Most importantly, OWN IT. 

Anonymous asked:
Hi so my school is doing carousel next semester and we have been asked to sing a song in the Rodger and Hammerstein style do you have any suggestions for me outside of their shows??

Good ol’ fashioned all-American shows.

Composers like Lerner/Loewe, Gershwin, Porter, etc.

Music Man
Bye Bye Birdie
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Annie Get Your Gun
My Fair Lady 
Kiss Me Kate 

ohmygoshuajoshua asked:
Im looking for more musicals to look into and Im not sure where to start. I love Next to Normal, Shrek the Musical, Pippin, and Newsies. Any suggestions? Please?

West Side Story holds a special place in my heart. It’s what got me into other musicals (and because of Nat Wood, classic film).

West Side Story is a classic. Classics are good. Singing in the Rain and Kiss Me Kate and My Fair Lady and Oklahoma and Wizard of Oz. Good stuff. They’re classics for a reason.

I’m a big fan of Stephen Sondheim (who is a God-like genius). So any works by him (i.e. Into the Woods and Sunday in the Park and Company).

Also, I recommend just seeing any show. Live theatre is magical and any exposure to theatre, whether musicals or plays, is so important. Local theatre is just as important as Broadway or big touring companies.


georgesblagden-deactivated20131 asked:
do you have any newises or pippin ones?

They’re all tagged. So you can search 


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